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Challenges and issues in
​​​​​​​human resource management


Identifying organizational needs
Road map design

 Online and in person meeting
execution all stages of the event

Quantitative and qualitative report
Individual track report over time

Our road map



We design and run games and gamified activities for online events on common platforms or any preferred one.​​​​​​​

Our Services

Online Games​​​​​​​

We design and run games and gamified activities for large or small events.

We execute workshops for instructing and training soft and hard skills through games.

We design tailor-made games that fit your organization's specific needs.

Game Events​​​​​​​

Game-based Workshops​​​​​​​

Exclusive Designs​​​​​​​


Event Assessment​​​​​​​

We document the event's experience,
the audience's work ethics and teamwork.

Personal Assessment​​​​​​​

We analyze each person's behavior individually
​​​​​​​through a series of events.

Cognitive Assessment​​​​​​​

We analyze changes using standard cognitive
tests in collaboration with SCONLAB at Shahid Beheshti University.

Our Costumers​​​​​​​

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We play for
creating excitement,
Promotion of organizational culture

and strengthening the employer brand...

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Elham Salami

Senior human resources expert of Asanbar organization

The workshop we had with Farboud had a different feeling. We no longer had theories and dos and don'ts, we had games that had thoughts behind them and after the game we would analyze those thoughts and along with this excitement, we would come up with solutions.

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Rahman Mohamadi

Human Resources Management Directoof Kaleh

This workshop allowed people to practice the desired skills with the help of properly designed games that are combined with theoretical principles.

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Narjes Mohamad Pour

Pasargad electronic payment

What was interesting to me was that you brought the relationships between people in the form of a game and we realized that everything is like this game; And this makes me feel better in my relationships, I can give better feedback and have a good peace.

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